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Allison Walker, registered dietitian / Pilates instructor
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How would I like to have a registered dietitian and certified fitness / Pilates instructor (that has HS) hold your hand and walk you through truly reducing your overall inflammation to control my flares for a solid 3 months? Seriously, ask yourself!

You know you keep waiting to see a doctor, but what if I could tell you that as a registered dietitian,

I can help you and stick by your side with weekly calls.

I am trained to help find the root cause of the inflammation which can lead to the trigger point for the flare to begin!

I have HIDRADENITIS SUPPURATIVA! You read that correctly. I have HS and I KNOW what you are going through.

I so enjoy helping individuals feel their BEST! There is absolutely no reason for you not to be able to live your life to the fullest!

Read below about the coaching package with testing you can have ASAP!

  • You are purchasing a Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) Wellness Coaching package WITH MRT FOOD SENSITIVITY TEST INCLUDED! * If you are purchasing this for your child 18 years or under, you will use your email address and your child’s information when submitting the test.  We will go over all of that in the orientation. The answer is YES, you can test your child. I have tested infants. If you would like to purchase 2 tests because you and your child have HS, email me at HSWellnessCoaching@gmail.com so I can get you a discount code. Know ahead of time that full payment will be due for both tests to begin the coaching sessions.
  •  This is an individual coaching session. We will meet via ZOOM.
  • What is a food/chemical sensitivity? Glad you asked! Click HERE!
  • Sample results – photo

MRT Food & Chemical Sensitivity Test


This means you get the following:

  • Virtual sessions with me, Allison Walker, registered dietitian, Pilates instructor, and certified LEAP therapist (CLT) that happens to also be a HS Warrior! YES! I have HS too in my armpit area and my flares are under control because of a disciplined wellness regimen. I DO NOT TAKE ANY PRESCRIPTION DRUGS ON A REGULAR BASIS! You will get to learn all my tricks and tips through this coaching session. I am gonna hold your hand and literally walk you through what the a typical day should look like concerning exercise, food, and stress level. Popping pills is not the only thing you can do for HS.


  • Let’s talk MRT Food Sensitivity Test – You have already watched the videos above in the hyper link, but here is the link again. Click HERE. The PATENTED MRT Food Sensitivity Test is the gold standard! I obtained my CLT which means Certified LEAP Therapist through Oxford Biomedical Technologies to help you, the client, have the best experience learning how your foods and chemicals affect you personally. That is why this is a 3 month program. I will personally walk you through this experience!


  • I will go over everything you need for growth and development of the body with a nutrition / wellness focused lens. (ie: the life cycle) The main goal for this group is to KEEP INFLAMMATION DOWN so that the boils subside. We do NOT need new flares or tunnels! We want this INCURABLE condition to go into remission!


  • I will teach you all you need to know about HS and how overall inflammation affects the outcome of HS, but also digging into the comorbidities that usually come along side of HS. Think Crohn’s, IBS, HS in the eyes, and more!


  • You will learn all about nutrient deficiencies and what to look for and how / when to test for them. We don’t need to start throwing vitamin and mineral supplements at this condition without knowing what and how you should do it. Always test first.


  • (FEMALES) We will talk in depth about the menstrual cycle (if you are still having one) and what vital signs the cycle could be telling you. What to do about flares during this time. We, females, know that hormones play a big part around the menstrual cycle time of the month.


  • You can submit questions!


  • Exercise training – Exercise is a key point when reducing inflammation. However, exercise can be inflammatory for some. You will learn tips from this coaching session.


  • Discounts on medical grade supplements – This is not mandatory. This is only optional if you want to use my dispensary. You can check it our ahead of time HERE.


    • So we talked about what I can do for you, but I need to mention who would not benefit from this program.


    Anyone needing a quick fix in a week.
    Anyone not in the continental USA. (NY also has some testing protocols in place so you may have to drive outside the state lines for a testing facility.)
    Anyone not willing to wait for the body to respond to the reduce the overall inflammation. Decreasing inflammation takes time unfortunately. This is not a quick fix option.
    You need to have some discipline. If you don’t think you can follow a program for a lifestyle change then this may not be your ideal program.
     We all have habits. Foods we like… don’t like, but I would need you open to change.
    If you are at the breaking point because you have tried everything, then this is for you. You are tired of the pills, creams, surgeries, pain, boils, the smell and MORE … this just may be what you are ready to do. The patented MRT Food Sensitivity Test will pinpoint what your body is reacting to and it is shown in a colorful graph, as shown above.