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Are you asking yourself, “Do I have a food sensitivity ?” There are so many points that I can cover, but I will address them in separate posts to not overwhelm you. Below is Part 1 and will over my before pictures and how my journey began finding out about food sensitivities.

These pics are from before I started the plan to calm my immune system. I took the LEAP Food Sensitivities Test on 7/29/2017. Prior to testing, I would eat or drink something that would have a horrible reaction because my face, forearms, and back are all on fire! I know this now, because of taking the test, but didn’t know then. It gets hot and I cannot scratch it enough. I usually end up with a raw place that scabs up from scratching so much.  Another symptom was that I had was periods of tiredness or malaise during the day where I could barely keep my eyes open and looking back it was always after a meal. I would have plenty of sleep the night before and still just would want to lay down. I think looking back, the worst symptom was my skin peeling around my nails. For so long, I kept thinking I was teaching too many classes for the calories I was consuming or even a hormone imbalance? Maybe I was having a chemical reaction to something. I was just grabbing for answers, but frustrated because I was the registered dietitian. I should know the answer. Typically a nutrient imbalance can show up in a person’s hair, skin, and nails. But this stumped me!

LEAP Food Sensitivities Test Picture of Thumb

So as I recap, since starting the plan, I have NOT had the 1st day where I felt so tired I needed to take a nap. That is the honest to goodness truth! Even though weight loss was not my intention, I also know my clothes are fitting better. Typically when inflammation is removed then internal swelling goes down. Think of it like a sprained ankle… you injure the ankle and it becomes inflamed to protect it and stabilize it. As it heals, the swelling goes away. Same is true for healing the gut and reducing the inflammation. I cannot give you a number because I quit weighing myself many moons ago. I use my clothes, specifically my jeans or slacks, to check in with my weight from time to time. Think about this….  I wear workout clothes 99% of the time.  Spandex, comfortable sweat pants and tank tops are not going to give me a true sense of my weight, but put on some jeans or slacks and there is no lying. I live by what I preach about intuitive eating and being mindful about what the body is saying to me. A number on a scale or a body fat percentage doesn’t define my life. Are bodies are hello ….  AMAZING!!!!  They can tell us when something is wrong.


LEAP Food Sensitivities Test Picture of Face During A Flare


Most of you know that I am an open book. I live by what I teach. After having my own LEAP / MRT food sensitivity test done, I wanted ya’ll to see REAL AND UNFILTERED pictures of my poor face. I have been struggling with this skin issue off and on really bad for the past 3-4 years prior to taking this test. Was it hormones? Aging? Etc. Etc.? I have been to my dermatology clinic located in Gulfport, MS (my hometown) multiple times and an esthetician in Madison, MS.  Both places were great, but it would clear up for a little bit and then come back with a vengeance at certain times without any rhyme or reason. I have been very faithful in checking out my skin and seeking licensed health professionals to give me feedback. I have been using a gentle face wash (no scent with no fragrance in my lotions, body wash/soap or in my laundry detergent). I was doing all the “things” for the outside of the skin without knowing there was something that I could be eating or drinking causing the flares.

LEAP Food Sensitivities Test - 2nd Picture Of My Face And A Copy Of The Test

As you can see corn is high, high, high! Garbanzo beans and then garlic are also elevated. It seems like everything packaged has corn in it in some form or fashion these days. Some variations of corn would be any of the following: corn syrup, corn starch, corn flour, corn mill, and high fructose corn syrup.  Things that are commonly used that could contain corn would be: over the counter vitamins, toothpastes, pre-packaged items, some alcoholic beverages, salad dressings, cereals, and let us not forget about GRITS! I love grits and eggs! I “was” eating this often. Then garbanzo beans and garlic….  hmmmm…  I was eating garlic hummus like daily! If you all remember, I became diligent with finding answers out for my oldest daughter, Azlyn, just a few months before testing myself. I had a gut intuition that there was something more so I leaned into my “instincts” and began researching. That is how I became a Certified LEAP Therapist. It goes back to the basics…. Eating Real Food, but this patented blood test shows specifically what an individual is sensitive to and we are not left guessing on food choices of what to remove. I know how to advise others with how to eat and heal the gut through the wonderful LEAP protocol. The LEAP protocol is the meal plan that a certified LEAP Therapist will give you once your test is completed.

It all starts with the gut. Our gut has to be healthy or our bodies are just not functioning properly. How will anyone truly know what they are sensitive to without the LEAP test? It is the only test that looks at ALL mediators! It will be merely a guessing game without it. My immune system was compromised and it reacted by these hot spots on my face, arms, and back.  It was weird because I now know I would eat a trigger food, say hummus, and my face would get really, really hot and either immediately or 1 day later I would have a section that would almost blister up. Then within about 2 days later, it would crust up like a sunburn and peel.  Now think about this…..  if I was eating hummus or something corn related at least every other day! I was never healing!

To bring in a comparison, my oldest daughter had (and let me emphasize HAD) severe eczema, asthma, and frequent nose bleeds. These are completely different symptoms than mine. Azlyn had been on the plan for only a few months when I could report that she went asthma FREE, eczema FREE, and nose bleed FREE! She has stayed off of her steroid cream for her eczema and her steroid inhaler which was $200 / month WITH INSURANCE! I am thrilled she is off all medications! No more unnecessary pills or creams! Keep in mind that she was only 10 at the time of her LEAP Food Sensitivities Test, but she knows her trigger foods. She is highly dairy sensitive. When she goes to a birthday party say on a Friday night, she will usually end up eating 1-2 slices of pizza and / or a single serving container of ice cream, she will then by Monday have black eyes, congestion, and her eczema will start to come back (typically in the creases of her arms), and if enough dairy is eaten, she will have a really bad nose bleed. Enough of the congestion and it will hinder her cheer. Competitive cheer is this girl’s life! She knows that fueling her body properly will give her the best results for athletic performance. If she has too much congestion then she cannot breathe which directly takes her out of practice. She has learned to choose food wisely even when she is out with friends or at a party. It is essential for her growth and development, but also for her athletic performance. My face is fine now, I do still have peeling of the skin on my fingers every now and again. It usually means that I accidentally ate a trigger food.

This is my testimonial page. Please keep in mind that I follow a strict privacy policy and me working with someone is a secret. These individuals chose to give me a testimonial and I share them with you with their permission.


I am an open to any questions about my own path and journey with doing the LEAP Immune Calm Meal Plan. Contact me at allison@irockhealth.com with questions. I would love to discuss with you how the LEAP Food Sensitivities Test can help you. If you are ready you purchase the LEAP Food Sensitivity Test, you can click HERE.