"My experience getting my MRT test was overwhelmingly positive. I had been having bad reactions when I ate certain foods or drank red wine. I had no idea that my stomach wasn’t supposed to hurt when I ate apples or yogurt! For the past two years, I have been fatigued. My head and stomach were always hurting. It has affected my college experience, from missing classes to missing social events. Then, I met Allison Walker. I had sinus problems and she asked if I was sure it was from the pollen or if I knew of any food sensitivities I might have. I told her about my reactions and she suggested the MRT. She was so helpful in getting my test to me quickly because I had to leave town to go back to school. I got my results and found that I was eating many of the foods I was sensitive to every day! Once I started the setup eating plan, I started feeling so much better. Within a week my headaches and stomach pains were gone and I have had way more energy. The meal plan is set up specifically for you, so the experience is relatively easy. I am so thankful I found Allison and that she introduced me to this test!"

~Katherine Young

Student, Mississippi State University

I have had stomach issues my whole life. The symptoms WERE diarrhea (20 plus times a day), nausea, gas, bloating, pain, and just feeling unwell. I persevered through and worked for 35 years, exercised, and ate only nutritional foods. Smiling all the while! I attributed all of my problems to being tested and diagnosed with Systemic Mastocytosis. That affected, most of all, my lower intestinal track. I have searched my whole adult life for relief. Prednisone (steroid) kept me alive. I have been taking Prednisone every day for around 40 years. I still decided I would not give up! Through a friend I found Allison Walker, an amazing dietitian, who tested my bloods' reaction to fruits, grains, vegetables, spices, and some chemicals. BINGO! I eliminated everything that I tested highly reactive or moderately reactive and followed Allison's LEAP meal plan suggestions. My symptoms have dropped to only occurring 2-3 times a day! I realized that, Yes I have a disease. But, the vast majority of my symptoms were due totally to my body's negative reaction to foods I had been consuming daily. Thank you to my God YHVH! And, thank you Allison Walker for caring enough to make the MRT test available! I FEEL GOOD!

J. Hicks

I decided to get the food sensitivities testing done through Allison Walker because I was starting to have some digestive issues (stomach pain and upset) as well as joint pain, especially in my hands and feet.  I knew I had to make a change in what I was eating.  I understood, based on some other research, that a lot of health problems are due to an unhealthy gut.  When I got the results back showing that the worst offender (highest sensitivity) was cumin, it all made sense--I was eating Mexican food at least twice a week!  The results were difficult to process at first, but Allison helped me understand and gave me helpful suggestions and encouragement for my eating plan.  Even though eating was truly difficult that first week, it was well worth working through the process to eliminate the things that were causing my belly to be on fire and my joints to ache.  Allison truly cares about her clients' health and well-being.  I encourage anyone and everyone to find out what is making your body inflamed, causing whatever issues you may be having, by doing this testing with Allison!

C. Young

"I am so excited to recommend Allison Walker to you as a leader on your Student Ministry team. I have personally known Allison for over 12 years as dietitian, fitness leader, wife, mother, daughter, and friend. I have known her mom for too many years to mention and have watched Allison grow into a warrior for Christ.  I think that Allison will be such an asset to your program. She is a professional and displays the integrity that will be needed in this position. Allison is so familiar with the issues that can plague many in these formative years, she will bring this expertise with her as she ministers. I know that she has had many clients that have been in this age range and many of these have traveled from other cities for her guidance and follow through. Again, thank you for this opportunity and would recommend Allison in any capacity that your ministry might find her useful."

~Alva Peden

"When I think about a holistic approach I think about nursing, but you can apply that with how Allison works with clients. I know this first hand. I initially went to Allison for a dietitian consult to help with being more prepare with my fast paced work life. She listened to what my job entailed and then gave some tough love of things to think about all while working on a feasible meal plan as well. I then joined a workout class she was doing. She explained things and you were comfortable. After having health issues this year, I reached out to Allison letting her know what was going on. She mentioned the LEAP testing. She explained what it was and how it could help. So I am getting ready to have the testing done for myself. Allison met with me to help come up with a workout plan. Some dietary adjustments and incorporating workouts she has recommended  have helped. When Allison works with you and puts a plan together, I truly feel she utilizes a holistic approach to ensure you are able to achieve optimal results. To have someone working with you that wants the best for you, just wants to help you, and truly cares is a rare find these days. Knowing Allison stays on top of the educational aspect in her field is something that I feel good about as well. Just because someone has a degree in something doesn't mean they do it well. She does very well though. Allison's, hard work, dedication and passion show in the job she does and  I'm grateful to be able to be on the receiving end of it!"

Melinda Martin, RN

"Allison is a hard working, energetic, health-conscious enthusiast that is concerned about the educational aspects of fitness for today’s youth, college students, working adults and retiree population."


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