Greetings and welcome to the beta launch of the FAITH FLAIR FITNESS COMMUNITY! This is the best investment for your health and wellness journey! My name is Allison and I will be your Christian Life and Wellness Coach. In this community, we focus on scripture, His Holy Word, to guide and direct us. Wellness happens from the inside out and it starts with Jesus.

You can use your user name and password to log in.

You are about to embark on the most AMAZING wellness journey of your life! I mean that sincerely.

I have to remind ya’ll:

  • Remember to always consult your physician before beginning a workout regimen or changing your dietary needs. There are videos for everyone! By signing up, you have agreed to workout and learn at your own individual pace and at your own risk. You or someone in your family may be on a medicine that reacts to something I am educating you on and you need to be aware of possible harm that can happen.
  • Remember that the email you gave will allow me to contact you via that email for this online resource. Check your spam folder with your email.

I am a throw it up in a hat or messy bun and GO girl! I am a mom and business owner and I want you to know you have ME. It is not a team leading you. It is little ole me that is here to teach, educate, love on, and more each and every week. Our life cycle has us changing hormones daily. Ha! So lace up those shoes. We have a wellness journey to run.

See you on the inside!

xoxo, Allison