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Allison Walker, registered dietitian / Pilates instructor
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The topic is for everyone, but soulfully I am speaking to that mom that needs to love on herself again.  You do and do and do for others and now it is time for you to fill yourself back up.  Being a mom is the most rewarding, but most demanding job out there.  I love you and this is for you!

I find we DO NOT unplug our devices nearly enough.  With owning my own business, I find it hard to set “office hours”.  I find myself working all the time.  However, working in private practice allows me to have a flexible schedule for my kids and their schedule of events so I am 100% fine with working at odd times. I made a point early this year to “unplug” more and be in the moment with my family. We are in the middle of our 9th move.  It gets overwhelming at times, but it has definitely taught us so many things along the journey.  I had a huge revelation and it struck me like a ton of bricks. My babies are not babies anymore.  Most of us parents probably get that gut punch when we know school is starting. I found myself grieving them growing up instead of embracing all the new cool things they were learning and doing.  However, I also have had a looming cloud over me ever since I had my first born.  She is truly a miracle baby! I was never supposed to have had children. I can remember vividly crying, more like sobbing uncontrollably, when I would go to put her in her crib for the evening.  See… my brother, Randall, passed away from cancer at the age of 16.  I found myself carrying this sorrow and grieving that God may take her home each and every night.  I had to learn to not live in such fear.  Each year as my oldest gets closer to the age of 16, I find myself having the breath knocked out of me.  I am reminded that life is short and although I know God is in control and I know He is good, I still grieve Randall’s death through my children as they grow. So yesterday I unplugged!!  We went to the movies, had a great time in Ulta as we shopped for the next big hair accessory and product, ventured down to the craft store, Michaels, for the next big organizing thing for their new rooms, had a fabulous late lunch and dessert (the dietitian must mention there was dessert) :), and finished off the day with a movie at home with lots of snuggles. I had a wonderful friend that took my Pilates class when I was living in Gulfport, MS tell me that is is ok to say NO.  I have a big problem saying yes to everything and everyone for so many years.  I am finding I am getting better at saying no, respectfully of course, but still no. I know when I agree to do too many things I am stressed completely out and I become out of balance. This same friend also added that I do not have to give an excuse either.  I agreed with her 100%. I think from living in the south that we always think we have to apologize and then give some lengthy excuse of why we cannot be somewhere or do something which also involves a lot of the reply …”I am sorry”.  Today I chose to have an extended “appointment”. I blocked off the afternoon for my kids.  I am now sitting in front of the computer (Saturday) and it is after 11:00 a.m. finishing billing and emails.  I chose private practice for this very season of my life.  I am a firm believer in I can have everything I dream of in life if it is God’s will that it happen. However, I cannot have it all right now and I definitely cannot have it ALL at the same time.  We all have different seasons in our life.  I would like to encourage you to start taking just 5 minutes to sit in silence and just breathe slowly and focus on a word or a scripture verse and mediate on that.  Focus on your breath and meditate on that and it will strengthen your soul. Wellness by definition is being free of disease.  Wellness incorporates your body, soul, and your mind.  Being in BALANCE with your life is crucial to your overall health.  With school starting up again and all the committees are meeting and discussing what is needed, volunteer with what you know you can do.  You may work 9 – 5 p.m. and cannot physically be at the school for every party, but coming from a former homeroom mom that could physically be there (b/c I can work at 11:00p.m. or on a Saturday), I needed those parents to cook or buy food to bring to the parties.  I could not do it all.  All of us mamas do what we can for our kids.  Some days are better than others. Find your balance for your family.  So beginning today take some time to UNPLUG, BREATHE, and MEDITATE.  Next, find somewhere in your crazy week to find something you can do just for yourself.  Love to all my mamas!!!!

Yours in health,



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  1. Linda Boyd on August 7, 2017 at 9:35 AM

    Great info and insight, Allison! Love the article! Love you! ❤️

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