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September 4, 2017

#MyRealLife – Update #2

I posted before and I will post again skin results on my personalized LEAP Immune Calm Meal Plan!! I did not think and ate a couple, and I do mean just a couple, of bites of DAIRY FREE ice cream. The whole family is dairy free. This picture was from yesterday afternoon. I am HIGHLY sensitive to CORN. One of the dairy free ice cream choices contained corn syrup solids in it.  In just a few hours, this was my poor face and arms. I have been buying different flavors from different companies for the kids to try for treats. I had been checking the ingredient labels and thought I checked them all.  I obviously let one flavor slip through. These places on my face and arms were on fire and all I could do it breathe through the itchy, tingling feeling. Putting Sarna lotion on the areas helped calm it, but just a little bit. I just had to let it run its course. Today, they have already formed scabs and my face is tight and peeling like a sunburn. In a couple of days, I will have pink new skin emerge on my face.

If you think you are having a reaction to a food or chemical, please contact me. I cannot tell individuals enough to LISTEN to their bodies! Each one of us is made differently.  We all show different signs and symptoms to different foods and chemicals we consume. I am soooo thankful that I listened to my gut intuition and dug deeper when my daughter, Azlyn, was having problems with eczema, asthma, and major nose bleeds. I had a very uneasy feeling about her being on a steroid inhaler the rest of her life. You can see her video testimony here. Today she is eczema, asthma, and nose bleed free! The only time she gets her symptoms is when she eats a trigger food and it usually will show up in the form of an eczema patch in the creases of her arms.  If enough of her trigger food is eaten, then she gets a nose bleed and shortness of breath. This patented MRT/LEAP test looks at and tests 150 foods and chemicals that we consume. Check my service page out on my website for more information on common symptoms that I help people with on a daily basis. I am 1 of 4 Registered Dietitians in the state of Mississippi and the ONLY 1 in the JACKSON, MS AREA that uses this test and is a CERTIFIED LEAP THERAPIST. I use your personalized test results and provide you with a consultation to instruct you with an Immune Calm Meal Plan that is just for you. Personally, it has been life changing for myself and two kids.  Azlyn is my 10 yr. old and has been on the plan for a few months.  Myself and Atley, my 7 yr. old, have only been on the plan a few weeks.  As you can see from my posts, I messed up a bit, but got back on the plan ASAP!

Thank you for your time! I will continue to show you my progress as well as the progress with my girls. I know it helps you to see how this test directly pinpoints symptoms on each one of us and then what happens when one of us messes up. Our bodies are sooooo AMAZING! They will fight back when they do not like something that we have consumed.

Yours in health,





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