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I wanted to tell you what God has been doing in my life. He put it on my heart to lead Fearless Faith Followers. This will be a podcast geared to all teens and preteens. It will be a 10-12 min Scripture reading and devotion for you so you can listen on your way to school. Please pray for me as I listen for God’s guidance. He gave me the name. It just so happened to be available as a domain, FB page name. Instagram page, Gmail acct. iTunes account and Soundcloud acct. Yall….This is crazy for all of them to not have this name taken!!! I will have guest teens come on my podcast with me. This will be for girls and boys. I will pull in athletics, smarts, arts, and more so that it covers a wide variety of loves. We are ALL DIFFERENT!!!! We need to celebrate our gifts! God gave me a personality with a loud mouth. He spoke clear as day and named this podcasts. I am totally looking for suggestions on topics you feel will give you encouragement on a daily basis. You can go here until iTunes picks it up publicly. www.fearlessfaithfollowers.com. (linked to this tab) I chose to launch this last night on my 42nd bday (10/13). May you always forever and always know that God is working in you to grow and achieve more than you can ever dream of. Satan had me on lock down for about 4 years before I had the nerve to FINALLY launch my website. On 7-17-17 God spoke these words to me, “Well done good and faithful servant!” I get chills every time I say them out loud. I cannot believe He chose to speak to me. It was not an audible voice that you would have heard. I was sound asleep. I wake everyday at 4:30 am. He woke me up before my alarm and it was clear as day in my head. It is His website and not mine. I had to fight Satan telling me I wasn’t good enough and that I had nothing to offer. I DO!!! I am a child of God. That is enough. I am enough. To hear those words that July morning was AMAZING!!!! I have never, in my life, heard His voice until that July morning. I am beyond humbled that He wants to use me… lil ole 5’ft, loud mouth me to read scripture into our young people’s ears each am before school!!!! I love our youth and am sooo looking forward to this task! We all have gifts that He will use if we just give them to Him to use. Ty for your time. Finally I want to give Jonathan Wilson a huge shout out with www.JaTekWeb.com. He has helped me with my website. He not only designed it, but has prayed over it during this whole process. Website design is not my gift and this goes to show you that God will combine talents to get His message out there to the masses. . Have a blessed day. Love y’all!!!


  1.  Introduction – 2 Corinthians 5:7




  1. Sue Weimer on October 14, 2017 at 9:59 PM

    So proud of you, Allison! You GO, Girl! God’s got you and He’s got your newest ministry. He will bless your, “Yes!” and will use it for His GLORY
    LO❤️E and PRAYERS always ????????

  2. Glenda Price on October 14, 2017 at 10:06 PM

    I am so proud of you Allison. Pray this venture is going to be the salvation for many of our youth. Thank you Lord for selecting this wonderful woman to be your voice. Love ❤️ love ❤️ love ❤️ you sweet girl.

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