Have You Thanked Your Coach Today?

By I Rock Health Team / July 1, 2017 /

  As I began blogging, sports / wellness / fitness are my loves so writing on these topics is so fun!! I LOVE ALL sports! As I work out each am, I am glued to ESPN. The funny thing is it on mute with closed caption so I can listen to some up beat music…

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Finishing The Task

By I Rock Health Team / May 28, 2017 /

May 27, 2017 2 Corinthians 8:11-12   I have been studying the Bible like never before. I cannot get enough. I have been reading all about Paul, Timothy, and Titus. Titus stands out to me because of his age and his desire to learn more about Jesus. It is my desire is to grow and…

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Your Health Through Life Changes

By I Rock Health Team / August 28, 2016 /

  It has been some time since I have had the opportunity to write.  We are in the process of moving to Madison, MS to be closer to my new job.  This process coupled with starting school has tied up all of my free time.  For the first time in weeks, I had a few…

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Mom! What’s For Dinner?

By I Rock Health Team / July 9, 2016 /

It is now July and your kids are constantly saying… “Mom, What’s for dinner?” The same can be said for our spouse. We panic and we are at a loss of ideas. Kids have now been out of school a month and ideas are slim to none.  I am here to help you go BACK…

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How to Order a Healthier Pizza

By I Rock Health Team / July 3, 2016 /

  Have you really ever thought of how you can really order a healthier pizza?  Pizza is a common “fast food” for most on a weekly basis.  I get asked all the time if I ever order my own children a pizza.  The answer is YES I DO!! In this picture you see a Chicago…

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Devine Inspiration

By I Rock Health Team / July 3, 2016 /

Good Afternoon! This blog has been in the works for some time coming. I kept feeling God nudge me in this direction, but felt I really needed to pray if this was truly what He intended me to do.  The confirmation came in a steady stream of friends, family, and clients sending me private messages…

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