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Archive for July 2017

Eat The Dessert!

Most of us are taking our last vacations before school starts.  I preach balance.  Wouldn’t you all agree that pretty much everything we do fun involves food? Is it a southern thing? or should I say thaaang?  🙂 So enjoy the life, make the memories,  live in the moment, and for goodness sake… EAT THE…

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Boldness and Confidence

BOLDNESS…..  CONFIDENCE….. How do I encourage my children to have these two qualities?  I know one thing I can do is be an example.  I want and pray for my kids to be UNIQUE and not follow the crowd.  I wish I would have had just some confidence when I was their age! With all…

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Have You Thanked Your Coach Today?

  As I began blogging, sports / wellness / fitness are my loves so writing on these topics is so fun!! I LOVE ALL sports! As I work out each am, I am glued to ESPN. The funny thing is it on mute with closed caption so I can listen to some up beat music…

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